Are you ready to fully unleash your light into the world?

You’re a visionary, a light worker, and a woman of purpose. Sure, at first you might have started your business to make some extra cash. But as you continued down the path of entrepreneurship, you realized that you were meant for so.much.more. You’re here to serve and support others. To inspire them, cheer them on, and help them break free from shit that keeping them caged. You’re not just a light worker. You’re a motherf*cking light LEADER. But your business isn’t manifesting the results, clients, money, and richness that you deeply desire and fully deserve. Where’s the extra support when it comes to living out your life purpose, unleashing your soul, and magnetizing abundance in all areas of your life?  

It’s time to stop blocking yourself from shining brightly. And start getting the support that you deserve.  

The Magic We're Creating Together 

Together, we are creating a sacred space where you are protected, loved, and fully supported. This relationship is all about you receiving the unconditional love and support that you deserve so you can fully flourish!  

You do not have to carry the weight of your growing pains alone. I’m here to support and guide you through them. We are co-creating this experience together so that you can bring the best version of you to your business AND your life.  

A relationship requires a full 200%. My promise to you is that I’ll bring my 100% as long as you bring yours.  


Melanie St. Clair

Hey there! I'm Melanie St. Clair - coach, cheerleader, and alignment block obliterator for visionaries, intuitives, and spiritual entrepreneurs.  

My greatest vision for the world is for the visionaries, truth speakers, and world changers to step out of the shadows, own our identities, fully unleash our souls. It's time for us to ignite this world with our truth.  

Imagine what could happen if we lived in a world where visionary women were rich AF in all aspects of our lives? The amazing things we could DO with that much power internally and externally?  

Yeah, that vision is alive and burning within my heart. And I'm ready to see it manifest.  

For you. For me. For all the visionaries. It's time to wake up our souls!

What We Can Work On Together

This experience is crafted to be of best service to you and your entrepreneurial journey. We’ll trust the flow of your needs to guide us to which areas to focus on. This is an experience were you are fully encouraged to ASK FOR WHAT YOU NEED...and you get to receive it!

  • Breaking Free from Old Patterns
  • Protecting and Nurturing Your Energy 
  • Having Boundaries Like a Mofo 
  • Moving Through Resistance (and releasing the deeper fear/wound that's causing it) 
  • Using Your YOUness as Your Superpower (and not your burden)
  • Clearing the Money Shit That’s Cramping Your Style  
  • Pricing to serve (both you AND your clients)
  • Advocating for Yourself and Your Needs 
  • Liberation from the Shoulds and Rules of Entrepreneurship (and life) 
  • Implementing Only the Most Aligned Strategy 
  • Structuring Your Services Based on What You’d Love to Receive Money For  
  • Healing Old Wounds 
  • Shut the Front Door on Self Sabotage  
  • Selling with soul and flow - without feeling slimy!

...and more!

What You're Receiving Inside Light Leader  

3-Month Coaching Relationship With Your Biggest Support & Cheerleader 

I am here as your biggest support and cheerleader. This is a relationship where you are welcome (and encouraged!) to ask for what you need and to be fully yourself. I see the coach/client relationship as a sacred experience. Know that you are fully held in this space and that it is safe to unleash yourself fully and flourish.

Phoenix Reborn 1-Day VIP Intensive

We start things off with a full-day intensive so that I can know where you’re at, learn what type of coaching styles will best meet your needs, and develop an action plan for your top goals and intentions for the next three months.  

The intensive begins with a 2-hour session of burning, releasing, and clearing whatever isn’t serving you internally and externally. After which, we break for an hour. Then, we have another 2-hour session of unleashing and creating a new path and way of being. 

The Phoenix Reborn Intensive is completed via Zoom video call + replay available.  

Bi-Weekly 60-minute Coaching Calls + Three 45-minute Flex Calls 

Receive regular support through our coaching calls. In these calls, we can discuss everything from resistance that you’ve experienced lately, specific situations that you’re seeking guidance on, action steps for your immediate goals, and more.  

Additionally, you’re receiving three 45-minute flex calls to use anytime that you need additional support. These calls are perfect for situations that you would like extra support with, brainstorming sessions for a new offering, pricing clarity sessions, and more.  

Coaching calls are completed via Zoom audio calls + replays available.  

3-Months Access to the Light Leader's Lounge 

I want you to be flooded with an abundance of love and support. Which is why I love to include access to the Light Leader’s Lounge with all of my 1:1 programs so that you can build community with other women.  

The Light Leader’s Lounge is private space for visionaries and intuitive entrepreneurs. It's hosted in Slack where you can immerse yourself in a soul tribe of aligned and spiritual women.  

Bi-Weekly Office Hours Calls

Have a quick question you'd rather hash out on the phone instead of via chat/email? I host bi-weekly office hour video calls where you can pop in with a quick question, brainstorm, or iron out a small detail. This is also a great opportunity to meet the other women inside the Light Leader's Lounge.

3-Months Email/Chat Access 

You are not an island on your own. I’m here to fully support you and I’m only an email/message away! Reach out to me anytime for support, guidance, or just to vent via email or message me privately inside our Light Leader’s Lounge Slack Group.

Welcome to a relationship that's intentionally co-created for you, to fully meet your needs, and free you to shine as brightly as you can!

Here’s What Your Fellow Visionaries Have to Say About Working With Melanie  


See the magic within you!

“Melanie is such a bright light and an amazing coach! I would look forward to our calls every week because her methods of coaching and assisting me in figuring out my road blocks for my dreams always seemed to come so easy.  

Her energy is infectious and her positivity is absolutely and undeniably authentic. She gets you out of your own way by helping you see the magic that is within you and allows you to work through how to see your visions for your creative journey and what you want out of it. Thank you for helping me with my journey!”

— Valerie Owings, Interior Designer at VO Designs


Let go of the money shit.

"“Melanie has helped me change my mindset with money. I went from booking $2k projects to $4k ones. The difference? I wasn’t getting in my own way. That’s it. And I couldn’t have done that without her help."  

— Allyssa Barnes, WordPress Developer at Italicized Creative


Release your blocks with ease

"If you’re having doubts, you NEED Melanie in your life. Not only is she the best cheerleader on the planet, but she helps you bring those limiting beliefs to the surface with such grace and ease. She guides you through the process of both letting go of old labels and stepping into the fullness of who you ALREADY are."

— Ashton Smith, Founder of The Authentic Woman


Fully believe in yourself!

“Melanie makes space to work ideas out and supports you through the process.  

Her personality radiates through everything that she does and it's like she speaks to you deep in your soul and transfers her passion so that you can believe in yourself. I have so much energy after speaking on a video conference with her instead of feeling overwhelmed, I know exactly what steps I need to take to get what I'm working on done.  

I had a tough week and Melanie was there to support me and ended up motivating and encouraging me to turn it around and get everything done that I wanted to and more.”

— Jordann Jordan, Health Coach at Healthful Prescriptions


Make a new best friend.

“Melanie is a life coach/group facilitator extraordinaire. She has such warmth and energy (and is so willing to share it with YOU!) that within minutes of meeting her, you feel more confident, hopeful, and like you've got a new best friend."

— KC McCormick Çiftçi, Sseko Fellow & author at Borderless Stories  

Entrepreneurship is a soul journey. But it doesn’t have to be a sole journey. Receive the support and guidance that you desire & deserve.  

It's time to transform from the flickering candle to the white hot, roaring fire of truth that I know you have burning within you!