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Isn't it time that we took our relationship to a new level? And actually met face-to-face? Well, virtually at least. If you're feeling me too (because you KNOW that I adore you), I have an exclusive opportunity is specially curated for...

The woman on rise. The woman who's expanding outside her comfort zone and is ready to STEP UP. Sound like you? Apply for a free expansion session today!

 The purpose of these calls is to provide context, support, and guidance for your process of EXPANSION. Then clarifying WHO you are being called to embody so that you can ASCEND.


You're getting the same level of support as my rockstar clients on the rise. Give me 60 minutes and we'll completely transform what it means for you to "uplevel."

Here's what others have to say about working together

"Melanie worked closely with me to highlight that which was already inside of me: the magic, purpose, gold, beauty, and power that I was tirelessly searching for externally. She reminded me that all I need comes from within. THAT was a major shift for me. If you’re looking to grow in confidence, have someone to lean on, let go of those old patterns, and experience an extreme up-level in your life or business, Melanie is your girl." 

Ashton Smith, Founder of The Authentic Woman

"When you want someone to motivate and inspire you, to push you to reach for your goals, someone who is as invested in your success (however that may look for you) just as much as you are, then Melanie is your girl! I couldn't have asked for a better coach to help me bring my dreams to life." 

Yana Dirkx, Coach at Bliss & Gold

“Melanie has helped me change my mindset with money. I went from booking $2k projects to $4k ones. The difference? I wasn’t getting in my own way. That’s it. And I couldn’t have done that without her help." — Allyssa Barnes, WordPress Developer at Italicized Creative

Why Am I Offering These Sessions?

The reason that I'm offering these powerful sessions for free is simple. Many of the women who get to experience working with me (even in free containers) choose to work with me as paid clients at some point in their journey.

Which is why I love to offer these sessions for free as an opportunity for you to receive incredible value and sample what it's like to work together.

You must apply to be considered for a free expansion strategy session. 

Why? So that I know you're ready for this level of work. Otherwise, it's going to go in one ear and out the other. And I want you to fully receive the incredible messages inside!

The entrepreneurs who receive the greatest benefit are those who are done with excuses, ready and open to a high-level of inner work, and desire to receive and give at great levels.

These women are committed to doing the work, understand what it means to invest in yourself, and deeply desire to transform themselves into the woman who creates exacly what she wants (instead of looking for a quick fix to save her).

If you're ready to claim your birthright as the creatrix of your experience and RISE, then I invite you to apply for an expansion strategy session - while they're still available for free!

Talk soon, friend. Here's to you rising!

xo Melanie

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